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Your Life Is Your Story. Make It A Good One!


Everyday is a new chance for adventure, comedy, drama, and love.

And each moment is precious, and priceless.

Storycoins tell a story --> Your story.

What if your story could inspire someone else’s?

Imagine that a simple act of giving is really just a way of connecting,

and listening, and growing. We have designed our Storycoins to keep, and to give.

After all, you get out of life what you put into it.

The original artwork behind each Storycoin is created by me,

Jonathan the Painter, inspired by my father Michael,

whose courageous battle with cancer was filled with hope, and strength, and color...

Just like so many other families.

Along our journey we have collected so many small tokens of kindness,

often given directly from someone’s keychain or pocket,

to people like us, when we’ve needed it most.

We hope each Storycoin you get will be that moment for you.

And we hope each Storycoin you give will brighten a day.

So Stay positive, stay colorful, and make it a good one!

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We proudly give back to
Helping to support the cancer community by empowering those going through it.


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