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When can I order my Storycoin Keychain Set?

We are currently accepting Pre-Orders and Wholesale Inquiries online.

Do you know when the sets will ship to me?

Delivery will begin on December 1st 2018.

How will I know when they are ready to go?

If you pre-order or sign up for our newsletter, we’ll send out an email when your order is ready.

What does the Keychain Set include?

The set includes 1 handcrafted pewter keychain and 4 interchangeable, magnetic Storycoins

What is a Storycoin?

Storycoins are similar to tokens and feature unique, uplifting, colorful artwork with inspiring text.

How do the Storycoins stay on the Keychain?

With a super strong magnet. In fact, they can stick to any magnetic metal surface.

Where are these made?

Everything is designed & crafted in Massachusetts, except the packaging -> it’s from Minnesota

How do I scan the Storycoins to see the videos

Download the My-Storytellers App (iPhone, Android) and press the AR Icon to scan your coin

How do I scan the Storycoins to see the videos

The app will be available through iTunes and Andriod in mid December 2018

What in the world is AR

It’s a real technology called Augmented Reality. We use it to play a short video of Jonathan painting and talking about the meaning behind each Storycoin.

Are you taking wholesale orders

Yes, please email for wholesale questions and orders

Who Founded this company

We’re a family. Literally. Our founders are Susan Zuker and her two Sons, Matthew and Jonathan

Why do you give to

When our family heard those three words back in 2003, you have cancer, our lives changed forever. At that point we knew two things, we wanted to share hope, and we wanted to give back. We started the Conquer Cancer Coalition (501c3 non profit) to give back, and you can read more about how together we have raised and given away 1 million dollars and how we make every dollar count ->